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Work on emotional wellness to excel in everyday life

No Worry No Tension (NWNT) is a Delhi based healthcare group founded by Dr. Sandeep Vohra, a well-known psychiatrist in India. NWNT is a one-stop solution where an individual and Corporate organizations will get a customized health solution with primarily focus on emotional wellness. We offer customized solutions for a whole range of mind-body related issues.

We are the pioneer of making digital emotional wellness tool which is scientifically validated after several years of research.

We not only give face to face counselling session but we also asses,
    analyse and evaluate the stress level of one individual.

We also help the individual to cure themselves and help in preventing from
    stress and other mental health disorders.

Individualised and Customised group reports.

Consultation Sessions with Psychiatrists and Psychologists.

Hand-holding and Mentoring.

Customised Trainings and Workshops for all levels within the organisation.

EAPs and Mental Health Camps,General Research projects and Specialised Research specific to the organisation.

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How Do We Work

Take the first step to beat stress before it beats you.
Lead a better, healthier and happier life.
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Learn about Hypertension

Watch this interview with Dr. Sandeep Vohra on World Hypertension Day to learn about the cause of the condition and the preventive measures to avoid hypertension.

Deleting traumatic memories from our brain- An interview with Z News

Is it possible to delete those traumatic memories responsible for our depressing thoughts and behaviours? Watch this video to find the answer.

Mobile Addiction among Children- An interview with India News

As a parent or a teacher, one should know the symptoms of mobile addiction and how to prevent this among children.

At No Worry, NoTension, with over 10 years of scientific research by leading doctors, we have developed an algorithm that calculates the levels of stress you are going through and determines its sources. We can access and analyze the stress you are going through and help you lead a healthy, stress free life.

Our Counselors

Ms. Anveeksha Tripathi Jain
Lead Psychologist and Head-Operations

Ms.Jain has an organizational experience of around 14 years with firms like British Airways, Air Canada etc.in different capacities. Over the years she has developed a keen...

Ms. Navtej Malhotra
Senior Counselling Psychologist

Ms. Navtej has done Masters in Clinical Psychology with good experience in giving workshops in corporate as well dealing with issues of depression, performance anxiey...

Ms. Tanya Sharma

Ms Tanya is a Counselling Psychologist who has trained under the team for leading corporate and school workshops and seminars. She is specialised...

Ms. Priyanka Bhalla

Ms. Priyanka is a counselling psychologist who has done her Masters in Clinical Psychology and has experience in dealing with issues like depression, relationship difficulties...

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