Stress-o-meter screens and evaluates ones emotions and associated stress levels. Through stress-o-meter, by answering few questions related to oneself and one’s life we can actually have some idea of the level of stress/ emotional upheaval in our life.

Sitting in the comforts of your home/office you can get appointment from the company’s qualified counselor and can connect with them through the video-conference facility provided by NWNT. This whole process not only helps in identifying the level of emotional disturbance that you are in but also helps in seeking further steps towards management before worsening, as prolonged disturbance has been implicated in the diseases of both the body and mind.

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Emotional Wellness Index

The term “Emotional Wellness Index©”(EWI) is the degree of emotional & mental stress of an individual at a point in time, as depicted on coloured band elicited through a self rating questionnaire comprising of questions from 5 aspects of one’s life which are one’s circumstances, domestic life , professional life, bodily symptoms & nature.

The result of Emotional Wellness Index© (EWI) is automatically generated on a software platform to assess your stress and other issues.

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Student Stress-o-meter

Student Stress-O-Meter is a unique concept measuring quantum of stress in five key dimensions (nature or coping resources, circumstance, clinical symptoms, home or hostel life and academic life) of a student’s life.

The stress-o-meter is for any student above the age of 13 years (school/college going), a different tool named ‘Student Stress-o-meter’ is available (being validated).

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Preliminary Evaluation

This is a FREE 10 question test which will give you an idea of your stress level.

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