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Although the term symphony has had many meanings from its origin in the ancient Greek era, by the late 18th century the had taken in the meaning common today : a work usually consisting of multiple distinct section or moments and Symphy award in search of such music thus the award is called “ Symphonica or in short Symphy Award”.

The award will have three main section :
  • Films music award
  • Private album award
  • You tube and other social media songs and other awards. Each section will have different categories as per the genre of music.

The period of selection for the first year will be the music released with in 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018.


Celebrity Performances
  • Bollywood celebrities will grace the occasion present some of the awards.
  • Odia celebrities will be through out there to present the awards and perform on stage.

The Stage design will be a classic reproduction of all music recording and reproducing devices like Phonograph, Gramophone, Spool recorder, Convertible record player etc. Along With mood lighting and all other elements and gadgets a sober color combination will mesmerize the audience.
  • There will be two anchors one male and one female.
  • The anchors will be film music celebrities and the flow will be light comic as well as informative.
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